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The DLR platforms at Bank are closed until the end of January so all services are going to Tower Gateway. Since the DLR was extended to Bank because Tower Gateway could not cope, fifteen years ago, this means hefty delays. The revised Circle Line running arrangements are also causing delays - my train spent 5 minutes held at Aldgate. Taken together this means I now need to allow an hour to get to King's Cross instead of 40 minutes.

I had thought it would be an extra 10 mins, but I was wrong, which is why I'm posting from the concourse at KX...

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I have just heard Jeremy Paxman carefully enunciate ICanHazCheezeburger and I think my brain has exploded.

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Well, I got to the Albert Hall two hours ahead of the UOGB Prom... and the queue is already stretching to the IC Union entrance.

And you know that Far Side cartoon with the caption "Suddenly, Professor Smith realised he'd forgotten his duck"? Looking around me, that's how I feel - except it's a ukulele I look like I've forgotten.

There's going to be a lot of accompaniment tonight.


Aug. 7th, 2009 10:56 pm
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Tonight it turns out that there is exactly one train from Cambridge to anywhere in London between 1030pm at 5 tomorrow morning. What sort of an excuse for a rail service is this?!

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So, which James Cameron film is Nick Park going to spoof next? (But I did nearly snort red wine as I realised where things were going with the cliamactic scene. And was that an appearance of Checkov's Crocodile?)

Dr Who: better than I'd expected, despite some very silly bits. Sorry, but I'm a sucker for giant steampunk mecha...

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[ profile] paulcornell2 as the Eleventh Doctor!


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