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Following on from this, we watched episode 3 of Daredevil, after which [ profile] attimes_bracing opined that it seemed rather repetitive and she was finding the violence wearing. I commented that I could see signs of a plot arc emerging, so we agreed that I'd watch episode 4 and let her know what I felt.

Well, episode 4 ('In the Blood') certainly takes the wider plot forward, and has one of the most interesting and non-stereotypical depictions of a villain I've seen in a comic adaptation. Vincent D'Onofrio portrays Wilson Fisk as intelligent, pensive, socially awkward and bordering on downright shy, whilst also being a monster capable not just of ordering the most horrific violence but of personally dealing it out. And speaking of that, I had to advice S that no, the violence does not let up - indeed, the episode's conclusion is positively Verhoevenesque. I suspect I'll be watching the rest on my own.
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Recently Seen

Mad Max: Fury Road. As visually (and aurally) amazing as everyone says, but a superb film for far more reasons than that. I've heard it said that it's thin on plot, but it's not: it has a very spare and efficient plot, which it advances with ruthless narrative drive save for the couple of interludes when a pause works just as well in terms of developing the characters. Everyone seems to try to come up with their elevator pitch for the movie: mine would be "If Games Workshop combined Battlecars with Warhammer 40K and had the result orchestrated by Rammstein."

(I actually have a copy of Battlecars, a relic of the fabled times when GW were more than All Warhammer All The Time.)

Daredevil. The Netflix TV series, not the movie. Only seen a couple of episodes so far, but impressed by them. It's evidently trying to be the Torchwood of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, more violent and adult than the continuity it sprang from but dropping enough references to it that we know it comes from the same roots.

Penny Dreadful, S2. Victorian gothic melodrama to the max! Interested to see where this goes, with one of the S1 background characters seemingly promoted to / revealed as the Big Bad. I hear that Fox is planning a TV version of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which I would have thought will run into the problem that Penny Dreadful pretty much is that already.

The Game. It would be a bit harsh to describe this as Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy with the serial numbers filed off and with Birmingham doubling for London – harsh, but not entirely unfair. Inevitably this means that [ profile] attimes_bracing and I are playing 'spot the location' but it's standing up pretty well as a drama in its own right, although the suspension of disbelief necessary to enjoy the plot is growing episode by episode.

This looks familiar... )

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. Need to catch up on this, as I've only seen the first episode so far, but it certainly looked and felt right. Alas, lack of time has precluded my re-reading the book in advance.


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