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I got home to find the long-awaited letter from the University of Edinburgh.

I am pleased to inform you that the College Postgraduate Studies Committee has agreed to recommend to the Senatus that you be awarded the degree of LLM in Innovation Technology and Law with distinction.

I knew I'd passed the Distinction threshold for my coursework, but I had been having nagging doubts over the wisdom of doing a dissertation on an area of law that was (a) almost completely unexplored, and (b) close to science fiction. Fortunately, my supervisor likes sf and evidently the external examiner didn't think it was too mad either!

Zoo Trip

Mar. 10th, 2008 08:51 am
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Rhino 2
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[ profile] ms_cataclysm, R and I braved the weather on Saturday afternoon (if you saw the England-Scotland match, we were a mile to the northwest of it) to wander around Edinburgh zoo. Conditions meant that I didn't get quite as many pictures as I'd have liked, but I did catch the following.

What did we see at the zoo today? )
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[ profile] swisstone and [ profile] ladymoonray were lucky enough that their visit to Edinburgh coincided with some of the nicest weather we've had for weeks. I joined them in the glorious (and very welcome) sunshine to head up to the Castle; more pictures can be seen here.
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One of the pleasures of doing my course in Edinburgh is my walk in from the flat in Bruntsfield to the law faculty in Old College. I've been meaning to put together a photo-essay on it for some time, and just before Christmas I took a more leisurely than usual walk in to get some photos. What follows is the mile or so from Bruntsfield to the north edge of the Meadows.

Lots and lots of pictures, and a few words )

Well, that gets us most of the way in. The final stretch takes us around the rather eclectic architectural mix (I am being polite here) of George Square, past the ugliest building in Scotland and through Potterow Place to Old College. But that's for another day.
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Victoria Street, from top and bottom.

Victoria St Top Victoria St Bottom

...and squirrels in George Square.

Squirrel Chase
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Sculptures outside the Sheraton Hotel, Edinburgh.

Sphere Sculpture 1 Sphere Sculpture 2 Sphere Sculpture 3
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Down to the weekly Farmers' Market on Castle Terrace this morning, where not only can you buy all manner of organic and freshly-made produce, but you can even get your fish smoked in front of you:

Smoking Fish 1.jpg Smoking Fish 2

Smoking Fish 3 Smoking Fish 4
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I successfully battled the Registration Dragons, with only a slight hiccup as the credit-card machine coughed slightly at the £BIGNUM course fee and asked the poor finance bod to call the bank and ask various questions of me to confirm that I really was Simon B and I really did want to give all that money to the University of Edinburgh. I then went on a bit of a wander and found the sports centre, where I made a much, much smaller payment to join the gym for a year. Now I just have to use it...

Having felt all YOUNG and STUDENT-LIKE after registering, I then walked through the central university plaza, where hordes of Bright Young Things were handing out flyers and passes for clubs and parties to all and sundry. Well, almost all and sundry; they parted like the Red Sea at the approach of the clearly lost and probably senile old codger and I didn't get so much as offereed a novelty condom. Slunk off to the library to do some work towards my OU assignment, feeling very OLD and OUT OF PLACE.

PG induction this afternoon; LLM arrival brief tomorrow. Bus Pass application next week.
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The Edinburgh thunderstorm last Thursday, as seen in Bruntsfield (and with a little Photoshopping).


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