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Pictures from the Ragley Hall Classic Car Show yesterday (click on photo to go to full album):

Ragley Hall Classic Car Show 2016
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Pictures from Kenilworth Castle today, where there was a classic car meet and heavy horse farm work demonstration.

Kenilworth Castle May 2016


Jun. 27th, 2015 01:46 pm
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Wednesday afternoon, at about 4pm, I was driving back after the second and final day of a rather difficult and draining court case in Dudley. As usual, I took the Wolverhampton Road with the intent of turning onto the Hagley Road to come in to Birmingham before taking the ring road to the Jewellery Quarter and our house.

The junction looks like this; I was approaching from the bottom right planning to turn left onto the Hagley Road which is the main road running along the top of this picture.


Note that there is a small car park to the left, with a row of shops, and that there is a 'keep clear' lane to allow access to it across the road just before the junction.

My view as I approached the junction was rather like this, from Streetview:


In my case, the left hand filter lane was clear, but the other lanes were blocked with static traffic. I indicated left, pulled into the left hand lane and headed down towards the left filter.

As I was about 10 metres from the 'Keep Clear' box, doing about 20 mph, a red car came out in front from the stationary traffic to my right, heading towards the small car park. I immediately jammed on the brakes and felt the anti-lock engage.

The stopping distance at 20 mph is about 13-14 metres. I found myself instinctively turning left, but the outcome was inevitable. With a loud bang, I hit the red car just behind the mid pillar.

After a couple of seconds the other car pulled ahead into the small car park. I did the same, noting that my Mini still seemed fully drivable.

We got out and the first thing I did was ask the other driver if she was OK. She seemed to be, and there was nobody else in her car.

"The van driver waved me out", she said. Apparently the driver of a van that had been stopped in the middle lane had seen her waiting and waved her to pull out. Evidently he hadn't looked in his left wing mirror (I wouldn't like to think that he'd done it deliberately). By now the lights had changed and he'd driven off.

I had a rather messed-up front offside bumper. The other car (an Audi A5) had come off superficially rather worse.


We exchanged details and it transpired that we were both with the same insurer (Hastings). Nobody being hurt, our cars seeming to be drivable, and there being no damage to any other property, we didn't call the police but headed on our way - it was not too far for me to get home.

Hastings have been very helpful; once they confirmed the other driver was another one of their customers the matter was handed to their 'Intervention Team' and I was called back within an hour to be told that the other driver had admitted liability. My Mini is now with the local main dealer being assessed for repair, and we have a Vauxhall Corsa, new 2015 model, as a temporary replacement.

A few months ago I had an increasingly agitated driver trying to wave me out across a junction, seemingly oblivious to the stream of traffic on her inside she was trying to get me to drive into. If there's an area of driving I think needs extra reinforcement, it's that you should not try to give directions out of misguided politeness if it's going to lead another driver to think it's safe to pull out when it isn't.


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