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I'll be doing a detailed post on EightSquaredCon's blog soon regarding panel parity, but the gender breakdown of our 73 panels looks like this:


This was achieved in the main part by having 190 people on programme - thats one quarter of our pre-registered membership - of whom 46% were women.
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I've just been writing some documentation for Eastercon regarding our registration process. Luckily, I spotted what was wrong with the following sentence as soon as I typed it:

We will be preparing the registration packs and will provide materials and procedures for registering walk-ins and issuing badgers.

But for my noticing this typo (the spell-checker was of course quite happy with it) our walk-in members might have had a most interesting and unusual convention experience. [ profile] bugshaw notes that the Read Me would have been quite amusing:

- Please wear your badger at all times within the convention, and show it to security staff if asked.

- If you are a day member, your badger will indicate which day it is valid for. If you come back another day, you'll have to buy a new badger.

- If you lose your badger, we'll issue you a temporary one, but will ask for an additional deposit (refundable if your badger turns up again).

If anyone is inspired by this to plan a Harry Hill-style Badger Parade for the Masquerade, now is the time to let us know.


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