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Is this of interest to anyone? I won't be going (not in town) but it is free to attend, although you have to register in advance.

Solar Time Keeping

About this event

The motion of the sun through the heavens regulated the lives of early man. Various devices and systems for telling the hours have been adopted over the centuries. Even after the development of mechanical clocks the sundial was in regular use as a reference. Today sundials tend to be architectural adornments combining art & science. High profile events such as the Queen’s Jubilee and the Olympics regularly generate commissions for new and ever more imaginative designs.

About the speaker

Mike Groom is a power plant process engineer and a member of the IET. He has also had a long time interest in the history of astronomy and in particular time keeping and navigation. He is a member of the British Sundial Society, a learned society whose members include many designers and craftsmen. These members are responsible for most of the iconic sundials that grace a good number of public & private buildings around the country and overseas.
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As an IET member I get regularly notified of talks and events. These are for the most part free and open to non-members, although you may have to register in advance. I thought the following might interest some of my friends:

Computer Forensics - The truth behind CSI
7 pm, Thu 26 November, William Gates Building, Cambridge

John Logie Baird Lecture - "3D - Back to the Future"
6-8 pm, Tuesday 8 December, Vue O2 Cinema, North Greenwich
Registration details - note that you should register for the lecture (which is free) rather than the afternoon seminar (which isn't)

Science and the Media - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
With Simon Singh
6.30 pm, Thu 10th December, William Gates Building, Cambridge


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