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Nelson_1stWk - 1.jpg

Nelson, after a week with us. He's definitely bigger than when he arrived only eight days ago. I'm not surprised, because he's been scoffing his kitten kibble as if it's the last food on Earth.

He has definitely come on a long way. For the first couple of nights he squeaked piteously on being put to bed, to the point that we had to put a mattress down in his room so that one or other of us could stay with him for a couple of hours. We've now progressed so that if I sit with him for 15 minutes or so until he settles down (be it in his bed, or one of the compartments in his kitty tower, or the box we've left him) then I can close the door and hear nothing more until morning.

Nelson_1stWk - 6.jpg

Looking contemplative.

Nelson_1stWk - 7.jpg

Looking like he's plotting. Oh my God, we are so doomed, aren't we?

Nelson_1stWk - 3.jpg

I was trying to get a picture of his little white bib. I actually appear to have captured him about to fire his DEADLY LASER EYE-BEAMS.

Nelson_1stWk - 5.jpg

Happily snoozing away.

Nelson_1stWk - 4.jpg

Me, and My Learned Friend. Advantages of black kittens: they don't shed visibly on dark suits!

Nelson_1stWk - 2.jpg

This one didn't come out quite as I'd hoped - depth of focus is too low, so his nose is sharp but his eyes aren't. However, run it through a couple of photo filters and the result looks quite good!
 Introducing Nelson to Mira is something we're taking slowly. We've split the house in two; Nelson has the ground floor utility room and the first floor study, whilst Mira has the first floor bedroom (her litter tray is in the en-suite) and the upper floors. I've set things up so there's a wooden sheet blocking access, so they can't get to each other or even see each other, although I only trust that if we're around - at night or if we're out, Nelson gets shut in his room (which is not too small and has natural light, his food, and plenty of toys.)

We started with letting them see each other from a distance, and have worked up to having Nelson in the cat carrier in the same room as Mira, or sitting on my lap (firmly held!) with Mira nearby. Mira has progressed from hissing at him on sight to only hissing when she comes up close to him. Nelson is utterly unfazed by all this, but then he comes from a rescue centre / cattery where he probably saw dozens of other cats. The next step will be to let them meet under careful supervision, although that is likely to involve Mira making it very clear where her boundaries are...
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