Jan. 23rd, 2016

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My main model-making interest is in aircraft, but there are a couple of AFV (armoured fighting vehicle) kits I'd like to tackle, specifically those of the ex-Soviet SA-8 mobile missile system and ZSU-23/4 mobile anti-aircraft gun, because in the late 1990s my job involved helping support the examples of each the RAF operates at the Spadeadam electronic warfare range. (They'd been obtained via the Germans after reunification, and getting hold of spares was an interesting challenge).

So I wanted to get some AFV model practice, and in particular to try out the painting, detailing and weathering of such models before I had a go at a serious build. I was particularly interested in trying what's become a popular technique for painting AFV models, colour modulation. This involves using different shades to mimic the fall of light and shadow on an otherwise fairly uniform-coloured model with the aim of making it look more realistic, or at least less like a small model. I thus picked up a 1/72 kit of a T-90 and a 'Russian Green' modulated paint set. I recently part-assembled the T-90 kit, not all the way but far enough to have something to practice on, and today had a go at seeing if I could make this technique work.

lots of pictures of successive stages of painting )

Verdict: well, it seems to work! Given that this is my first go at even making an AFV model, let alone trying this painting technique, I think the result is not too bad. It's certainly given me confidence that I can get this and have a go at recreating this.


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